Exceptional sale of Toastmasters ribbons & flyers

Dear Toastmasters friends,

The Division A Conference will be held in Paris on Saturday, April 28th 2018..

On the occasion of this event, the clubs “Busy Professionals” and “Expressions” propose a novelty:

  • A sale of Toastmasters ribbons

In order to avoid shipping costs, we will ask one of our Toastmaster members who regularly goes to the US, to collect this bulk order (placed ahead of time from France) and bring it to the Division A conference. Until last year, this was done at District 59 conferences.
However, knowing that this traveler’s luggage will be limited in kgs, and since we do not want to overload her/him, this order will be limited to ribbons only. You can’t order any other Toastmasters products at this sale.

  • A sale of Toastmasters flyers in French and/or English
    Flyers are very useful during recruitment campaigns and during your local “associations and clubs fair”. You can also deposit them in public places (library, house of associations, etc.) or give them to your guests.
    The more we will order, the lower the cost will be.

The Conference will take place in about 2 months, so we are required to give you a deadline to place your order:

For the ribbons, you have until Friday, February 16th. In the meantime, you will send your check to the club Toastmasters Expressions.

Ribbon Number Ref Cost
Ice Breaker 10 IT 393 IB $ 5,-
Best Table Topic 10 IT 393 BTT $ 5,-
Best Speaker 10 IT 393 BS $ 5,-
Best Evaluator 10 IT 393 BE $ 5,-
First Timer 10 IT 393 FT $ 5,-
Welcome 10 IT 393 W $ 5,-

Apparently, on the shop website, there are no other ribbons, such as for CC or CL.

For flyers, the deadline for order will be Friday, March 2nd.
It is necessary to provision between €274 for 250 and €355,20 for 1000 copies, which one will share of course between the various clubs according to your needs.

English Version (pdf)

French Version (pdf)

We invite you to quickly consult your excom and place your order for ribbons and/or flyers.

Your order must be sent to Odile, VP Education at Club Etincelle. Cell: 06 37 88 82 53

See you soon,
The organizing team