New Division A July 1, 2018

Below is the proposed  realignment of Areas 1-5 for Division A. Ci dessous la proposition de réalignment des secteurs A1 a A5. After a vote at the Athens District 59/District 95 conference and with subsequent approval, the new aligned areas become effective July 1, 2018. Apres un vote pour approbation a la conference de district [...]

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Exceptional sale of Toastmasters ribbons & flyers

Dear Toastmasters friends, The Division A Conference will be held in Paris on Saturday, April 28th 2018.. On the occasion of this event, the clubs "Busy Professionals" and "Expressions" propose a novelty: A sale of Toastmasters ribbons In order to avoid shipping costs, we will ask one of our Toastmaster members who regularly goes to [...]

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Die Kunst des freien Redens lernen mit Eiffelturm Toastmasters

Die Kunst des freien Redens lernen mit Eiffelturm Toastmasters – dem deutsch-französischen Redeclub in Paris Reden vor Publikum halten. Ideen überzeugend präsentieren. Lampenfieber bekämpfen. Das alles kann man in einem Redeclub lernen – umgeben von netten Leuten in einer wohlwollenden Atmosphäre. So lernt man, sein Redetalent zu schulen, seine Präsentations-Fertigkeiten zu verbessern und seine Selbstsicherheit zu stärken. Die [...]

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Toastmasters Gemalto gets chartered!

A new corporate club flourishes in the Paris area: Toastmasters Gemalto gets chartered! January 10th, a special meeting was held to celebrate the corporate club of Toastmasters Gemalto becoming chartered, in December 2016, after 2 months. Now employees at the Gemalto Meudon headquarters can develop their public speaking and leadership skills at lunchtime. The club, [...]

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Zoom In March 2017

Editorial of March 2017 On behalf of Zoom in team : Teddy, Oxana, Colleen and Nathalie: Division and district contest are coming soon !! We wish to all competitors: good luck ! Do not hesitate to encourage them !!The new Zoom in is released. Enjoy it and share it on social network ! [...]

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Editorial n°2 – Promise TM by Mike Storkey, International President: November 2016

Being the Best You Can Be While attending a club meeting last week, I witnessed what happens when a member presents a speech without being prepared. If we are all being truthful, I am sure there have been occasions when each one of us has come to our club meeting unprepared, either to give [...]

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Editorial n°1 – Promise TM by Mike Storkey, International President: October 2016

Show Up—For Yourself and Others As a follow-up to my initial Viewpoint column last month, I intend to explore each of the promises in the Toastmaster’s Promise individually: to look at how our commitment affects our self-development, our fellow members and the quality of our clubs. The first promise is “to attend club meetings [...]

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Zoom In December 2016

Welcome back, Division A Toastmasters, to ZOOM IN! Nathalie Damas (from Expression club and Toastmasters 75 Club) is leading the 2016-2017 editorial team of our information-packed, inter-club communication and leadership. Regular features (David Martin and other TM coaches) Videos of speaking tips Articles on how to be better speakers and [...]

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